inspiration: parramyd

I'm finally done exams! In case you were wondering why I've unfortunately been inactive on this blog, I had a ridiculous exam schedule and had to move out of residence. All is completed and I am finally moving on to second year! So to start my roll of summer blog posts, here's what I found on the interwebs this week!

source: studio kg

This plant growth system by genius designer Kawamura Ganjavian is both structurally appealing and incredibly cool. Here's what it says on their website:

"PARRAMYD is a modular system consisting of pyramidal elements that connect to each other. Thus, creating a structure that guides the way a plant grows. The elements come in two different sizes and its use is very intuitive."

This would look great in an indoor garden!

Looking forward to spending more time on the blog. Let us know what you'd like to see us blog about this spring/summer in the comments! :)

inspiration: organization

As I sit here procrastinating from packing for my trip (we leave in two days!) I've come to the conclusion that I have an obsession with organization. Like it's almost a problem. I can't function if things aren't neat and in their place! This is the reason I hate packing - I need to find a new system! I'm hoping I can find some inspiration from these perfectly organized spaces! I could stare at them all day - in love with their organization techniques and design. 


currently craving: barbecues and sangria

With the summer sunshine rolling in within the next few months, the season for warm weather, bikinis, and bbqs will soon be in abundance! Looking through my Pinterest collection had me drooling with excitement at the idea of all the amazing summer food available! Frozen yogurt, specialty burgers, and ice cold drinks - yes please! I can't wait to try each of these enticing eats ASAP!


aspire to inspire,


exam motivation: Starbucks

For all of you fellow students out there (especially Western U) who are still in finals this week, I thought I'd share some perfect exam motivation, and an absolute obsession of mine: Starbucks drinks! Occasionally (perhaps more than occasionally) we head to Starbucks for the perfect 'get down to business' environment! Seriously, I think I am the most productive person while I'm there - I don't know what it is - maybe a combination of caffeine and the smell of espresso! Whatever it is, a trip to Starbucks makes me super happy! It was a perfect break from the library, as I cram for my last 2 exams (hello summer)! Although I'm usually the type of girl that goes for simple caffeine, in the form of an Americano, every once and a while I like to splurge! Exam time can be tough for numerous reasons, so picking health conscious drinks shouldn't be another hassle as you balance nutrition and all nighters. So I've come up with a list of my favourite low-cal drinks to help you out!

                                               Cafe Americano 
Chai Tea 

                                                 Cafe Misto
Iced Caramel Macchiato

Personal Favourites:
Chai tea - calorie count: 0
Cafe Americano - calorie count: 10 (hot or cold; probably my top pick!)
Iced Skinny Latte - calorie count: 60
Nonfat Cafe Misto - calorie count: 60
(I like to add some extra flavour to my latte, misto, and americano by adding a sugar free flavour shot! My favourite is half vanilla, half caramel, but they're also available in cinnamon, peppermint, hazelnut and within season pumpkin) 

Splurge a little:
Iced Skinny Caramel Macchiato (or hot) - calorie count 140
Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte - calorie count 100
Caramel Frappuccino Light Blended Coffee - calorie count: 130

all nutritional values represent a tall size

If none of these picks satisfy your craving, check out the Starbucks Signature Drink feature where you can handcraft a drink to your liking and see all of the nutritional information at the same time!

all nutritional values via Starbucks

Happy studying!

aspire to inspire,


wish list: packing inspiration

So in about a week (9 days to be exact, not that I'm counting down the hours) I'm leaving on a trip to Holland for an early summer vaca! As the time to start packing is coming rapidly, I've been surfing the blog world, store websites, and Pinterest for some style inspiration! I thought I'd put a little post together about the current pieces I'm craving (it's not like I should be studying or anything..)

1. Aritzia Talula Betsy Blouse: $50
2. Aritzia T. Babaton Anita Sleeveless Blouse: $110 (a little bit of a splurge)
3. H&M Blazer in pink: $39.95 (ok, so I may have bought this already last week, but I haven't worn it yet!)
4. LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl's Pleated Trouser Pants: $32.40
5. Aldo Hosfield wedge: $40

Happy Finals Week!

aspire to inspire,


inspiration: sitting frames

sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Choosing to "sit" your frames is a great alternative to hanging them. It also avoids pesky holes that you will likely have to fill in or pay for when you move out. This is a great option for dorm rooms, apartments, and houses alike!



april's best DIY projects

1. Thumbtack Art Diy: add metallic shine to any room with this incredibly easy project.
2. $3 Nightstands: I like them with and without the stain, but you could really do whatever you want with these since each box was $1.
3. Rope Vases: an easy way to incorporate the neon + neutral trend into your living space.
4. Ikea Box Shelf: works for any colour palette and only requires boxes, paint and black clips! (make sure you click translate so you can read the instructions in English!)
5. Goal List: this rotating goal list would be great for studying, weekly projects, or a chore list for you and your roommates!
6. Neon Wood Magnets: (can you tell I'm loving neon this spring?) this project is quick, easy, and adds a stylish touch to any fridge.

Alison and I are in exams so apologies if the blog is more vacant than usual!



inspiration: fresh flowers

sources: one / two / threefour / five / six 

I wish I could keep fresh flowers in my dorm room all year round - unfortunately that is unrealistic.. However, I have kept a vase of fake flowers on my desk since September! I think I love fresh flowers so much because they remind me of my mom, a flower enthusiast with a special passion for tulips! Adding fresh flowers to any room instantly brightens the atmosphere and calls attention to the fact that Spring is just around the corner (side note, can you believe it's April already?!) These colourful accent pieces are a perfect way to add some sprinspiration (Spring + inspiration) to your house, condo, apartment etc.!   

aspire to inspire, 


inspiration: castle

all images from the castle website

I am currently really obsessed with this Australian home decor company that sells beautifully bright bedlinen, artwork and more! The best part: a lot of the items are handmade! The owner, Rachel Castle, does a particularly fantastic job at creating gorgeous typographic embroidered prints. If I could, I would gladly display her artwork around my room and apartment as they are simple but cheery and fun!



inspiration: barn door design

I didn't grow up in a huge town, but I wouldn't say I'm a country girl either (even though country music is amazing). Although I love vintage finds, my style isn't strictly old school yet not all the way modern either. These charming uses for a barn door fall somewhere in between both categories and can be used in either modern or vintage settings. 


inspiration: cozy san fran apartment

After coming across this apartment online I couldn't resist sharing it with all of you! Not only is this 425 square foot apartment of interior designer Caitlin Flemming a perfect mix of old and new, but it is complimented by pops of fresh flowers, beautiful cool tones, and great organization (which I am always a fan of). To check out the rest of this apartment tour, visit Apartment Therapy.

Happy Friday everyone!

shaker sets for every style

Whether you're a fan of classic decor or if you like more quirky pieces, we've found the best salt and pepper shaker sets for you! Enjoy!

Classic: Monterey Salt and Pepper Shaker Set - $16.29 at Crate & Barrel 
Glamorous: Jonathan Adler 'Futura' Salt & Pepper Shakers - $50.30 at Nordstrom
Adorable: Truffle Shuffle Shakers - $7.99 at ModCloth
Designer: Kate Spade Woodland Park Zebra and Giraffe Shakers - $29.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond
Modern: Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Set - $17.95 at CB2
Quirky: Give a Hoot Shaker Set - $16 at Plasticland



what to wear: summer music festivals

The end of the school year means many upcoming joys for students nationwide. I personally look forward to being able to wear much lighter clothing, lay out in the summer sun, and the take the first dive of the year into a lake. For some, finishing your last exam means it's time to look forward to music festivals! I am more than envious of those who are lucky enough to be attending Coachella this month. For those who ARE one of the lucky ones, here are some functional - but always stylish - picks for any music festival that you may be attending this summer.

1. Topshop Stripe Knot Crop - $26 at The Bay
2. Talula Trooper Jacket - $120 at Aritzia
3. Dress - $34.95 at H&M
4. ASOS Metal Round Sunglasses with Cut-out Lens - $21.93 at ASOS
5. Topshop Waterfall Calf Skirt - $76 at The Bay
6. Levi Studded and Shredded Shorts - $55 on Etsy
7. Topshop Photographic Tunic - $36 at The Bay
8. Topshop Ikat Print Chiffon Front Shell Shirt - $40 at the Bay
9. Bag - $19.95 at H&M
10. Ethnic Messenger Bag - $159 at Zara
11. Kork-Ease Bette - $150 at Piperlime *Rachel Zoe's Pick!



blogging tips in xquisit magazine!

Open publication - Free publishing - More bloggers

Check out the article I wrote in Issue 3 of Xquisit Magazine, just out this past Monday! It's full of beautiful editorials as well, and spreads about the latest Spring trends! You can read the article on pages 86-89 and it's entitled "For the Love of Blogs" and dives into the world of blogging! It includes top ten tips for anyone interested in blogging, and also features a Q&A with two amazing blogs 'A Piece of Toast' and 'Reading My Tea Leaves'! Again, thanks so much for the two blogs (Molly&Sally and Erin) who contributed!

aspire to inspire,


iconic inspiration: marilyn monroe

Three words: classic, beautiful, legend. Marilyn Monroe has been one of my inspirations - with topics ranging from style to beauty to many others - for a while now. My room at home, as well as my dorm room, has a growing collection of posters and framed pictures all featuring her perfection! Recently there have been many projects examining and rediscovering her life and career, like the new television show Smash (that I'm completely obsessed with) and the movie My Week with Marilyn starring Michelle Williams - that I plan to watch ASAP! She is so real, and to me the definition of true beauty. 



enticing eats: banana & pb snacking cake

This simple banana cake recipe adds a delicious twist with a peanut butter frosting! The recipe comes from Kraft Canada's what's cooking magazine - which is where I find an abundant number of simple, amazing recipes! Check it out asap! 


recreated: black, white & turquoise condo

What is this you say? A gorgeously designed, mostly white condo with consistent pops of turquoise, graphic prints, chandeliers, and fresh flowers in every room? This is too good to be true! I'm also obsessed with the dark wood flooring and the subway print seen above (you can find the link to a dupe below)! My future apartment will without a doubt have fresh flowers in it whenever we can get them! 


inspiration: easter colour palettes

Below are some inspiration/colour palette boards for your easter celebrations this weekend. What better excuse to whip out all of your pastel decor and outfits?


two of a kind on facebook!

Two of a Kind is now on Facebook! Make sure you "like" our page to keep up with the latest posts from the blog! It's perfect if you're not a huge fan of email updates (although we always appreciate email subs as well!!) and you can give us feedback on our posts. Keep an eye out for giveaways and announcements!

travel inspiration: auckland, new zealand

sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

Although I personally won't be doing any major travelling this year, I would love to one day visit Auckland, New Zealand. NZ is filled with interesting architecture and gorgeous vistas that would make any travel-addict swoon. This destination is definitely on my bucket list. Until I can afford it, I'll be accepting donations and free trips to NZ anytime! 



inspiration: mason jars

There are so many wonderful and unique uses for a mason jar! These pictures are just a few examples of the various forms. There are also so many ways to incorporate them into an elegant wedding theme as well - glasses, candle holders, flower centerpieces etc. etc.! 

inspiration: urban outfitters kaleidoscope collection

This morning, while glancing at my inbox, I came across the release of the Kaleidoscope Dress Collection from Urban Outfitters! I am MORE than obsessed with the colours and styling in this gorgeous lookbook! They also do a great job of matching texture and image with each piece. Now all I want to do is pull out some of my bright and flowy summer dresses. Either that or take a trip to Urban Outfitters to pick up one of these beauts! 

*sigh* is it summer yet?


trends for less: chevron

1. Rug - West Elm
2. Yoga Mat - Chapters
3. 8x10 Print - Etsy
4. Two Pillow Covers - Etsy
5. Lucite Serving Tray - Etsy