april's best DIY projects

1. Thumbtack Art Diy: add metallic shine to any room with this incredibly easy project.
2. $3 Nightstands: I like them with and without the stain, but you could really do whatever you want with these since each box was $1.
3. Rope Vases: an easy way to incorporate the neon + neutral trend into your living space.
4. Ikea Box Shelf: works for any colour palette and only requires boxes, paint and black clips! (make sure you click translate so you can read the instructions in English!)
5. Goal List: this rotating goal list would be great for studying, weekly projects, or a chore list for you and your roommates!
6. Neon Wood Magnets: (can you tell I'm loving neon this spring?) this project is quick, easy, and adds a stylish touch to any fridge.

Alison and I are in exams so apologies if the blog is more vacant than usual!