iconic inspiration: marilyn monroe

Three words: classic, beautiful, legend. Marilyn Monroe has been one of my inspirations - with topics ranging from style to beauty to many others - for a while now. My room at home, as well as my dorm room, has a growing collection of posters and framed pictures all featuring her perfection! Recently there have been many projects examining and rediscovering her life and career, like the new television show Smash (that I'm completely obsessed with) and the movie My Week with Marilyn starring Michelle Williams - that I plan to watch ASAP! She is so real, and to me the definition of true beauty. 

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Glancing into her life, and perhaps obsessing over this blonde bombshell lets me live vicariously in a time period that I should have been born in - I always say I was born in the wrong era! Although living in a world without my iPhone might pose an issue, HA!

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