typography tuesday: dana tanamachi

all images from Dana's Website

WHO: Dana Tanamachi, graphic designer and custom chalk letterer
WEBSITE: http://www.danatanamachi.com/

I am so thoroughly impressed by this woman's hand lettering skills. Not only has she been commissioned by big-wig companies such as West Elm, Rugby Ralph Lauren, Google, and Adidas, but she also was hired to create the first all text cover for O Magazine! You can check out more of her work on her website (link above).

See you next tuesday!


the best of pinterest: edition three

Happy Monday! 

aspire to inspire, 

inspiration: venice cottage

all images from boutique homes

One bedroom, $150 a night, and right in the heart of Venice Beach, California. Yup, I want to travel here NOW. I especially love the outdoor seating and the mix of simplicity, industrial pieces, and thrift finds.


inspiration: atlantic-pacific

I am in love. I'm in love with every single outfit Blair Eadie, the author of Atlantic-Pacific, puts together. Her sense of style is exquisite and classic with a twist. It was even hard to decide what pictures to post, because I am obsessed with every look. 


inspiration: ampersand boutique hotel

Speaking of ampersands, the luxury Ampersand boutique Hotel is opening soon in Kensington (England). I'm so inspired by the non-traditional design and decor in this place. If it didn't empty my bank account, I'd definitely want to stay there when I go back to England.


petit-restaurant de rozenboom: amsterdam

We came across this cute restaurant on our last day in Amsterdam. It was located on a random side street within the shopping district! It was a nice day (except for a bit of rain) so we sat outside to take in the city at it's finest - sipping on koffie verkeerd's and dipping out fries in mayo. I was absolutely in love with this restaurant, from the hospitality to the delicious food (everyone agreed it was the best of the trip), everything was amazing! The interior was just as creative, decorated with delft blue plates and wooden tables/ chairs giving it a rustic look. There were about four flights of stairs each taking you to another section of the restaurant, so even though it looked small from the outside it could really hold a lot of people!


inspiration: arm party

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I'm loving everything about arm parties. Mixing and matching fabulous bracelets totally perfects any outfit! The best part is that they look amazing when they are incorporated into a casual or dressy outfit. Basically, you have no excuse to not participate in this trend.

Here's how to put together your own:
1. Play around with different sizes, shapes and textures.
2. Always include metals. Gold, rose gold, silver, and bronze!
3. 3 words: Pops. Of. Colour.
4. Watches are the life of any arm party!

Stay classy, 2OAK-ers!


typography tuesday: the art of the ampersand

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For the next few weeks, as I transition into working full time as an intern for Toronto Life Magazine, I figured it would be a good idea to have a series that will keep me on track with my blogging. Typography Tuesday will be a weekly post about some inspiring typography that I've found that week. I will probably do about 8 weeks of this series. It may be a font that I'm obsessed with (I'm always on font downloading binges), or a collection of interesting typography (like this week), or a particular artist who's typographic work amazes me!

This week: the ampersand. The ampersand and the above examples are a perfect demonstration of how typography IS an art and can transform text, and the mood of the artwork or writing entirely. It's probably weird, but I'm definitely obsessed with all things ampersand.

Ciao 2OAK-ers,


inspiration: pastels-a-plenty

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Pastels are everywhere this season! Of course, they are seen abundantly in fashion right now, but I thought I'd post some pastel interiors and other pastel inspiration. How gorgeous is that headboard in the first photo? And who wouldn't love to be walking down the street in the last photo? *sigh*

birthday wishes

Wishing my amazing sister a HAPPY HAPPY 23rd birthday! I can't wait to spend the day with you eating too much cake, going out for breakfast to John's, having a few fruity coloured drinks poolside, and ending the day with a fire on the beach! Love you so much.

aspire to inspire,


the best of pinterest: edition two

I realize that this was supposed to be posted on Monday, therefore making this post three days late, but I was out of town and didn't have access to a computer! So I apologize for the late post, but I hope you enjoy edition two of the best of Pinterest! This week I browsed through many delicious looking recipes, found some inspiration for my bedroom next year, and pinned some amazing hairstyles!


inspiration: shades of grey

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If you're already thinking ahead to Fall, hopefully this moodboard gives you some extra inspiration. The dark clouds outside are definitely putting me in more of a fall mood today.


breathtaking scenes: the keukenhof gardens

Holland is absolutely beautiful, with tulips lining fields everywhere! But nothing was quite as beautiful as the Keukenhof gardens we visited. The pictures above don't even begin to show the beautiful scenes we got to experience.


makeup organization by less is more

How cool is this makeup organizer from Less is More?? This Austrian company designs really interesting and simple organization systems, mostly out of wood (which I am of course a huge fan of). I likely wouldn't be leaving my lipsticks open like that but overall it would look great on a vanity or desk!

Check out the rest of their online store here.



the best of pinterest: edition one

I am in love with Pinterest, so to honor something that I spend so much time on (seriously it's bad) I've decided to create 'the best of pinterest' series to post on Mondays to capture the awesomeness that is Pinterest, and perhaps to start the week off in a positive and creative way! Enjoy the first edition of this new weekly series!

Pinners I stalk: the Stefan Sisters (also check out their blog here)

inspiration: all ombre everything

Cake from She Knows Weddings
Paint Swatch Chandelier DIY from Hey Gorgeous
Wooden Spoons by o Me and o MY
Tights by BZR
Dip Dyed Shirt and Skirt Photo from Express Your Fashion

If you're like me and are indulging in this ombre trend, here are a collection of some great ombre 'picks' that I've found on the internet recently. Earlier this season, we tried out a temporary dip-dyed hair diy HERE. Perhaps we will make another dip dyed diy soon, since this trend is still going strong!



this week on the interwebs

THIS NYC APARTMENT of designer Diane Von Furstenberg on Brunch at Saks.
THIS SHIRT for photoshop addicts by Dodge & Burn.
THESE QUOTES to keep things in perspective.
THESE WAYS to be a better roommate (from dorm to degree).
THESE FIVE THINGS that every blog should have.
THIS READLIST for advice for graphic design students <-- MTP anyone?
*** Also, Readlist is a really cool online application that bundles a group of web pages (articles, course materials, anything) into an ebook that gets sent to your Kindle, iPad, or iPhone.
THIS FOOD BLOG. Seriously, if you are into whole food blogs, you HAVE TO check this out!!
THIS VIDEO about black holes colliding. Sort of blew my mind, ok?
THIS TRAILER. For what, you ask? Why, for the Les Miserables movie, of course!

Hope you enjoy this casual Sunday morning!


enticing eats: sponge cake in a pinch

I've been obsessed with this super easy dessert for the longest time! Perfect for summer, or when you just need a treat!