inspiration: peek-a-boo furniture

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I am currently loving these acrylic/glass/plastic clear furniture and decor pieces! They create the coolest optical illusion of a much more spacious living area. Below are some of the best pieces that you can pick up to add to your space!

Table (bottom middle): $199 at CB2
Table (bottom right): $199 at CB2
Table (top right): $88.99 at Wayfair



DIY: temporary pastel tips

The fad of coloured tips has been present for a while now, and we knew that it was something we wanted to explore! Temporary pastel tips are a perfect thing to try if you're looking for something new and fun to do with your hair without the commitment of permanent hair dye. The best part about it - how super easy it is! It took us about a half hour to do each of our heads (about 5-6 different pieces of hair each)! If you have a few spare moments, or need a break from boredom give it a try, you won't be sorry, trust us! It will also look great when paired with your sun kissed skin in the upcoming summer months - so why not test it out in preparation now? 


wish list: my best friend note pouch

I've had the link to this adorable note pouch saved on my Macbook notes for a while now. I love how it has just enough space for my Moleskine notebook/daily planner, a few pens, and whatever notes I accumulate throughout the day. AND it's small enough to fit in my purse. At $37.95, it's a great storage solution that I will hopefully be acquiring soon!


budget-friendly lamps under $100

1. Lykta Lamp - $18.99 at IKEA
2. Tallvik Table Lamp - $24.99 at IKEA
3. Jonsbo Egby Lamp - $24.99 at IKEA
4. Lattice Lamp Shade - $35.23 at PBTEEN
5. Task Lamp - $99.43 at PBTEEN
6. Work Lamp - $9.99 at IKEA

After recently looking into the most outrageously-priced lamps for our apartment next year, I was determined to find some budget-friendly accents for our space. The above lamps and lampshades are great options if you are looking for a designer-looking table or work lamp (that won't empty your bank account!!) to brighten up your living room, bedroom, or office!


travel inspiration: castle combe, england

I have to admit, I'm one of those people that is completely obsessed with anything British - and seeing pictures of this little village just made my heart skip a beat! From the old brick buildings to the little cafe on the cobbled streets, everything about this place makes me want to book a plane ticket asap! The fact that little towns like this exist make me extremely overjoyed! A quick Google search expands my crazy excitement, displaying copious amounts of beautiful pictures like these. While browsing web pages in search of more information about this fantastic little place, a fun fact caught my eye: the population of Castle Combe is about 350 - that's it! I can only imagine how serene this place would be. I can't wait to plan a trip to a place like this; I'm definitely adding Castle Combe to the extensive list of places I MUST visit! 

aspire to inspire, 


trends for less: neon & neutrals

Bright neon accents against a more neutral palette are super popular in interior design right now. Below you can find the best affordable pieces - and some not-so-affordable - that will brighten up any room!

1. Lamp - (not so "for less"...) $585 from Decor Interiors Us
2. Ampersand Print - $22 on Etsy
3. Neon Floral Print - $17 at Society 6
4. Desk - $59.99 at IKEA
5. Thonet Chair - $150 at ABC Home
6. Drawers - $149 at IKEA



enticing eats: easy lemon bread

I thought you all would enjoy this super easy old family recipe for lemon bread. The actual prep time for the bread is only around 10 minutes but would probably be much faster for those who are, unlike myself, less domestically challenged.


inspiration: tea cups

sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 

There's something about drinking tea out of a thin vintage tea cup that makes it taste so much better. Every sip takes you to a serene place where relaxation is a must. Besides feeling uber classy while sipping pinkie's up, vintage tea cups hold a special place in my heart because of the different designs each one is decorated with. It's a personal goal to own a collection of tea cups with unique patterns like these on each one! There's also the fact that they make me feel a little British, which is definitely ok with me! Tea cups like this make one of my favourite past times, enjoying a soothing tea, a special occasion each and every time! I'll take a crafted porcelain cup over a flimsy paper one (that typically leave your hands scorched) any day! Not to mention they're accompanied with matching saucers and little tiny spoons, how much cuter can they get?!

aspire to inspire,


inspiration: bicycles

Now that it seems as though we've skipped past spring and gone right to summer, I'll hopefully be bringing out my bike soon. I can't wait to be able to ride to class or around London on a snow-free road with the sun beaming down on my skin. I'm also obsessed with these vintage-looking bikes and wish that I had an excuse to buy one! 

Hoping that you all are taking advantage of the sunshine. My thoughts go out to those who still have cold and/or dreary weather!




source: dressdesigndecor/prettypeonies

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