how to survive your internship with a startup company

Uniiverse project lead, Daphne Wu, gives us her advice for new interns working with startup companies.
"How you'll survive your internship really depends on where you're interning. Since I'm interning with a startup company, everyone is actually "new". The CEO's have never been CEO's before, so they're discovering new things on a day-to-day basis. Everyone on the team is taking things day-by-day and learning so much. It's probably the best first internship experience one can hope for because I'm not running around getting coffee or doing errands for others. I don't have to photocopy paper or watch other people do stuff and just jot notes. I am totally in the field and I get to do what I want as long as I come up with a logistical plan to market and target a niche or community. I have a lot more freedom than others.


get to know me a little {ali}

frozen yogurt over ice cream
early mornings to late nights
fall to any other season
big dogs over little dogs (Great Dane please)

S I M P L E // P L E A S U R E S
earl grey tea of any sort
perusing Chapters slowly
Pumpkin Spice Lattes
campfires on the beach

W H E R E // I ' D // R A T H E R // B E 
England; anywhere in England
the Muskokas tanning on a dock

W E E K E N D // P U R S U I T S 
afternoon tea
lazy mornings 
tough workouts

S T E A L // T H E I R // S T Y L E 
Olivia Palermo
the cast of Pretty Little Liars
Demi Lovato 

G I R L // C R U S H E S 
Mila Kunis
Candice Swanepoel
Emma Stone
Rachel McAdams 
{Mila // Candice // Emma // Rachel}

{inspiration for this post from Luella & June}
aspire to inspire,


enticing eats: lemon blueberry cobbler

This recipe will be the last gluten-included one you will see from me on this blog for a while! Since switching to a gluten-free diet, I've been testing out some great and some not so great recipes so that I can share the great ones on this blog! Keep an eye out for that if you're interested. Until then, check out this amazing cobbler recipe. If you love blueberries as much as I do, you'll enjoy this guaranteed!!


weekend watch obsessions

Oh, you like watches? Well so do we! Check out our picks for the cutest watches this Saturday! The most affordable one in this bunch is $37. We've selected a variety at different price points for all peeps to enjoy :)



inspiration: it's all about leather

Fierce, agressive, yet gorgeous in so many situations! I'm loving leather shorts, blouses, shoes, etc. this season! I will definitely be making an appearance in leather shorts sometime soon. Below are some of my fav leather picks out there! Enjoy!

Talk soon,


inspiration: living room envy

all images via Live Creating Yourself 

I came across this room through Pinterest and just knew it was something I had to share! I love the colour combo and the elegant table decor. It's simple yet super stylish! Just one word sums up my feelings: LOVE! I hope our first apartment can look half as sophisticated and put together as this one. 

aspire to inspire,


knits knits knits!

I wish Autumn lasted longer instead of being a transition period between Summer and Winter. The air, smells, and overall vibe are by far my favorite of the year! Especially so, since it gives me a great excuse to bring out my coziest and cutest sweaters. Here's a selection of my favs available this year (from left to right):

  1. Kain Label Marna Sweater from eLuxe - $149.00
  2. Cardigan from H&M - $34.95
  3. Knitted Geo-Festival Cardigan from Topshop - 46.00 GBP
  4. Rakel Angora-blend Sweater from Acne - 180 GBP
  5. Sweater from H&M - $19.95 ***STEAL
  6. J. Crew Colour-Block Sweater from Net-a-Porter - $270 
Hoping you all are enjoying the *tear* last of the warm weather!


inspiration: chicago's longman & eagle

all pictures from The Common Pursuit via Longman & Eagle

I have fallen deeply in love with everything about Chicago. I need to visit again ASAP (I've been only once on a class trip). I wouldn't mind spending my time in this beautiful brick coated hotel. It would be perfect to lounge around all night and rest up before spending the day in the windy city!
But in all seriousness, can I just move there already?

aspire to inspire,


inspiration: reethi rah resort

Shall we have a collaborative "ooooh-aaaaaahh"? This luxury resort in the Maldives is JUST where I'd like to be heading off to sometime soon (in my dreams... I know). Just look at that crystal clear turquoise water, personal dock area, and white sandy beaches to top it all off! The private tiki huts would be perfect for a relaxed getaway.

I'm seriously coveting a vacation package here... someday!



duvet drama

My goodness, there are some HIDEOUS duvet covers out there. My biggest struggle this summer (in terms of prepping to furnish and decorate my apartment) has been finding ONE nice duvet cover that isn't typical of a university student. Correction*: one nice duvet cover that will fit a double mattress, since my small apartment bedroom won't fit a queen and a desk. Below are some of the options that I've found for people who might be having the same struggle.

(from left to right)

First Row: 
1. N Natori Fretwork Duvet Cover (($159.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond)
2. Kas Eloise Mini-Comforter Set ($69.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond)
3. Dip-dye Duvet Cover & Shams ($166.10 at West Elm)

Second Row:
1. Trina Turk Trellis Duvet Cover ($199.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond)
2. Eivor Leva Duvet Cover and Pillowcases ($69.99 at IKEA)
3. N Natori Chapan Duvet Cover ($159.99 each at Bed Bath and Beyond)

Third Row
1. Organic Diamond Texture Duvet Cover + Shams ($92.97 at West Elm)
2. Echo Design Scarf Paisley Duvet Cover ($129.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond)
3. Anastasia Purple Comforter Set - Queen ($329.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond)

Happy shopping!