recreated: black, white & turquoise condo

What is this you say? A gorgeously designed, mostly white condo with consistent pops of turquoise, graphic prints, chandeliers, and fresh flowers in every room? This is too good to be true! I'm also obsessed with the dark wood flooring and the subway print seen above (you can find the link to a dupe below)! My future apartment will without a doubt have fresh flowers in it whenever we can get them! 

** flowers are a great way to temporarily add a pop of colour!

source: style at home


(I fully realize that most of this is from Ikea... but HEY, it's affordable!)

Paris Subway Sign Print (20.5x60): $199 on Etsy
White Vase: $14.99 at Ikea
Blue Vase: $6.99 at Ikea
White Chair: $29.99 at Ikea
Table: $229 at Ikea
Pillow: $18.99 on Etsy

Ps. thanks to KB for sending me this condo!