make the most out of your university summer vacation

This exam season has left me with multiple joys as a result of stressful times. The rockies have decided to emerge on my face and I'm pretty sure some of my hair has fallen out (oh joy). Luckily, my post-exam stress is pretty much diminished and I can finally start focussing on the things that I want to be doing this summer. This great article from Thought Catalogue has inspired me to write about what everybody can do to make their breaks more enjoyable and valuable, and how to make the most out of the summer.

photo by moi!

1. Take a day or two to catch up on all of the sleep you've been missing! Messing up your circadian rhythms has way too many bad effects on you to skip this step! If you want to know why you can visit THIS website.

2. If you're like me and you can't go too long without organizing things and making to-do lists, then this is a good time to start organizing or confirming your plans for the summer. If you need to get a job and don't have one yet... start looking! If you want to organize your housing or apartment decoration for next year, do so. You could also make plans for a weekend getaway with your pals, clean your room (so necessary to de-stress!), or reorganize/clean out your closet! However, make sure to take it slow, in most cases there is not as much of a rush to complete things now that you are on summer!

3. Exercise. Don't let your workout routine and dedication go to the wayside just because it's summer. If anything, explore the many new workout options you have now that it is getting warmer outside. I always find great new exercise ideas on the Seventeen fitness blog.

4. I know this is obvious, but take the time to catch up with friends that you've missed while at school. Best reunion ideas include:

  • Sushi dates - always acceptable for catching up.
  • All day marathon of your shared favorite tv shows or movie series. Whip out your OC box set or set out to conquer all 10+ hours of the LOTR Trilogy. I may or may not have already completed the second suggestion.
  • Spa nights never hurt.
  • Do some summer shopping for your first day of your summer job or internship.
  • Bonfire nights are popular among my friends from high school, so I will definitely be eating way to many marshmallows at one point this summer.
  • Attempt to recreate one of the recipe's you've "pinned" this semester.
5. Start that book you've been dying to read. This summer, like a billion other people, I hope to read the entire Hunger Games trilogy and many other books on my "dying-to-read" list. 

6. Rediscover your hobbies!

7. Learn something new. YOLO... am I right?! Learn to play the guitar. Learn how to cook so you aren't in trouble when you move into your house/apt next September. 

8. Don't miss important course registration dates. You don't want to be left with crappy courses because all the good ones are full.

9. Get in touch with nature (cheesy line points for me). Plan a camping trip with friends or visit a cottage! Go sailing, canoeing, nap on a dock, go skinny dipping, and more!

photo by yours truly!


10. Don't do anything that you will realistically regret later. The "go crazy and have no regrets" phase of life will become much less crazy at one point. This of course means something different to everybody but I just though it needed to be included in this list. 

Enjoy your first weeks of summer!