enticing eats: dip for dummies

Here's legitimately the easiest recipe we will ever post on this blog. And, it's incredibly delicious!!

Ingredients for Guacamole (or you can get store bought guac if you are tight on time:
+ one ripe avocado --> cut in half, scoop out insides and mix in a bowl with a fork or spoon.
+ lemon zest
+ two tablespoons of sour cream
+ tsp of lemon juice

Other Ingredients:
+ salsa
+ additional sour cream
+ grated cheddar cheese

1. Spread salsa to the edges of the dish.

2. Add the avocado mixture, but leave some room along the edges.

3. Cover the guacamole entirely with sour cream. It's super important that you do this so that the guacamole doesn't go brown.

4. Cheese. And more cheese.
all images by yours truly.

5. Chill for a minimum of 30 minutes covered in plastic wrap. Et voila! Serve with your favorite taco chips!

Hope this recipe made you feel like entertaining!