four gift ideas for mum

If you didn't know that mothers day is next Sunday, you're welcome. For those of you that are lacking in gift ideas, here are a few things that may be perfect for your mother...

1. Framed prints! 

2. Flowers (typical but always appreciated)
photo by emmadime

3. Antique Garden Markers. "Hammermann" on Etsy makes one of a kind garden markers using antique silver and silver plates spoons and knives. Super unique, super cool.

4. ANYTHING personalized from Pinhole Press! They make fantastic photobooks, personalized wine labels and hundreds of other personalized items. I can guarantee that pretty much anything from this store would be a hit with mom on mothers day! Enter "cupofjo" for 10% off your mothers day gifts!!

photos via pinhole press and a cup of jo
Happy Monday!