travel inspiration: castle combe, england

I have to admit, I'm one of those people that is completely obsessed with anything British - and seeing pictures of this little village just made my heart skip a beat! From the old brick buildings to the little cafe on the cobbled streets, everything about this place makes me want to book a plane ticket asap! The fact that little towns like this exist make me extremely overjoyed! A quick Google search expands my crazy excitement, displaying copious amounts of beautiful pictures like these. While browsing web pages in search of more information about this fantastic little place, a fun fact caught my eye: the population of Castle Combe is about 350 - that's it! I can only imagine how serene this place would be. I can't wait to plan a trip to a place like this; I'm definitely adding Castle Combe to the extensive list of places I MUST visit! 

aspire to inspire,