apartment inspiration: white all over

source: homedit

Student apartments can be a tricky thing to decorate. You want to create a space with an atmosphere that is easy to get work done, a place to come home and relax, while also adding a touch of personality. Another thing to consider is the colour of the walls reflecting the size of the apartment. Because the walls are white, it opens the apartment up and makes it seem larger than it is - a plus for sure. An added bonus to this apartment would definitely be the brightness of light from all the windows! The last thing you want is dim lighting while cramming for a final, or writing that 2000 word essay that's due the next day! An easy way to add some colour that I currently love: fresh (or fake) flowers! Nothing says "hello Spring" like a vase of multi-coloured tulips in bloom. I also love how open this space is, every room connected with each other. This elongates and expands the small space you have to work with. This apartment is a good referral to all those who can't decide on a colour for their space - sometimes a classic white is the best choice!

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