DIY: temporary pastel tips

The fad of coloured tips has been present for a while now, and we knew that it was something we wanted to explore! Temporary pastel tips are a perfect thing to try if you're looking for something new and fun to do with your hair without the commitment of permanent hair dye. The best part about it - how super easy it is! It took us about a half hour to do each of our heads (about 5-6 different pieces of hair each)! If you have a few spare moments, or need a break from boredom give it a try, you won't be sorry, trust us! It will also look great when paired with your sun kissed skin in the upcoming summer months - so why not test it out in preparation now? 

what you will need:

+ oil pastels work best for colour turnout, however soft pastels work too (when hair is wet). We thought that the Van Gogh oil pastels worked the best! Make sure you have two shades of each colour (one light one darker). We purchased our pastels at Bijan Art Studio on Richmond Street in London, Ontario.
+ water
+ scrap paper
+ (optional) gloves. However, we didn't wear gloves and were able to wash off the pastel residue easily.


1. brush and section off a piece of hair (preferably of the lightest shade in your hair)

2. dampen, twist, and place on scrap paper.

3. take the darkest colour and start colouring hair towards the tip of the section. Make sure you are drawing from the middle to the tip.

4. once you are satisfied with the colour of the tip, use the lighter colour to blend into the darker tip colour. Again, make sure you are colouring from the middle to about a centimetre into the darker area.

5. brush out that section of hair.

6. repeat on multiple sections of hair with multiple colours until you are satisfied with the result.

The result (Ali) with pinks, blues, and purples:

The result (Cail) with blues and greens: