five things to try this fall

October is finally here! Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend and I'm extremely excited to chow down on a turkey dinner and relax for a few days (and who can forget the pumpkin pies!). To celebrate the season, here's a list of some fun things that you should try this autumn:
1. Try the navy nails trend. As Joanna Goddard has pointed out, navy nails are a huge trend this fall and look great if you're dressed up or down. Try this colour from Essie for guaranteed cute!

2. Organize your desktop. Personally, I feel much more relaxed if everything on my desk is organized and nicely decorated. This acrylic paper holder would look great on my desk! {image}

3. Bake with pumpkin! We've been going crazy experimenting with pumpkin recipe's, indulging in pumpkin spice latte's, and basically eating everything pumpkin in our sight. Check out this gluten and dairy free recipe for Mini Pumpkin Pie Tarts!

4. Try a new fall tea. Also as a part of our pumpkin kick, I was given this tea to try out and I have to say: IT IS AMAZING. Serve with a spoonful of brown sugar and milk for optimal deliciousness! {image}

5. Put up a frame wall. I finally got around to putting up some art prints and other images on my wall with washi tape, and my room now actually looks close to complete! We also have a frame wall in our living room (soon to be photographed and shared) and it really pulls the whole room together. Mix in fine art prints, typographic art, images and old posters, postcards, and whatever else is your style! {image}

Hope you all feel inspired to try some new things and start some projects! I'll be productive soon, I swear! For now, I'm going to go finish my delicious tea.