how to survive your internship with a startup company

Uniiverse project lead, Daphne Wu, gives us her advice for new interns working with startup companies.
"How you'll survive your internship really depends on where you're interning. Since I'm interning with a startup company, everyone is actually "new". The CEO's have never been CEO's before, so they're discovering new things on a day-to-day basis. Everyone on the team is taking things day-by-day and learning so much. It's probably the best first internship experience one can hope for because I'm not running around getting coffee or doing errands for others. I don't have to photocopy paper or watch other people do stuff and just jot notes. I am totally in the field and I get to do what I want as long as I come up with a logistical plan to market and target a niche or community. I have a lot more freedom than others.

Some tips I have for the 'next guy' is to really take advantage of this unique opportunity. If you like being ahead in the game and doing your best in everything you do, you'll enjoy lots of chances to take the lead on projects and be super proactive. It's all about taking initiative and expressing passion and interest. The company wants you to love the company back. They've hired you, so they love you. Now it's your turn to return the favour. Additionally, it's important to remember that it's the little things that count. You may not think they they see what you're doing and all the effort you're putting in, but if you put 110% into everything you're given responsibility for, your superior will remember that. They will trust you with bigger projects and plans, and that's how you get promoted. Take everything seriously (but still have fun) and just try your best. Be proud of your work and what you are accomplishing daily and don't be afraid to talk to your superior if you are unsatisfied. Lastly, if your internship is unpaid, work as if you are being paid. Go above and beyond because you want to and because you care, not because you are paid to do so. It shouldn't be much of a chore as something that you can really enjoy and just have as a part of your life. " - Daphne Wu, Uniiverse Project Lead

Thank's so much for your advice, Daphne!