knits knits knits!

I wish Autumn lasted longer instead of being a transition period between Summer and Winter. The air, smells, and overall vibe are by far my favorite of the year! Especially so, since it gives me a great excuse to bring out my coziest and cutest sweaters. Here's a selection of my favs available this year (from left to right):

  1. Kain Label Marna Sweater from eLuxe - $149.00
  2. Cardigan from H&M - $34.95
  3. Knitted Geo-Festival Cardigan from Topshop - 46.00 GBP
  4. Rakel Angora-blend Sweater from Acne - 180 GBP
  5. Sweater from H&M - $19.95 ***STEAL
  6. J. Crew Colour-Block Sweater from Net-a-Porter - $270 
Hoping you all are enjoying the *tear* last of the warm weather!